Divorce Mediators
    Of New Jersey
    Dispute Resolution       
    Through Mediation

      During Dr. Novelli's twenty two plus years as a New Jersey licensed psychotherapist she has taught graduate school and conducted evaluations for the court and legal system, as well as having been the director of several facilities. In addition, Gianna Novelli used mediation and negotiation skills and her background training while conducting psychotherapy sessions.

      Dr. Novelli's psychological practice centered on helping couples and families resolve their issues and learn how to cooperate and reach agreements on finance, children and other immediate situations.

      Gianna Novelli's office specializes in divorce mediation, family conflict resolution, separation and pre nuptial agreements and agreements between co habitating partners. Dr. Novelli is also on the roster, and has been approved, to conduct mediation for economic aspects of family law cases for the New Jersey Supreme Court, as well as being listed as a preferred mediator for the Ocean County Family Court system.

      Through a wide range of strategies, which Dr. Novelli attempts to individualize and customize, she helps couples and families resolve dispute issues in a collaborative manner while also helping them maintain healthy relationships and protect the interests of their children. Gianna Novelli approaches her mediation techniques using her education, training, knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist.

      Because divorce mediation and family conflict resolution can be emotionally charged, Dr. Novelli found that utilizing her psychological education, training and experience helps bring the situation to a stable level which allows her clients to determine their own destinies and move forward toward a brighter future.

      Gianna Novelli has taken her experience as a psychotherapist and coupled it with her work as a court evaluator and her knowledge as a divorce and family mediator to assist her clients with obtaining a mutually agreeable divorce and family conflict resolution.

      In addition, to further assist her clients, Gianna Novelli works with a team of professionals and experts who are available should her clients need their services and assistance.

      Dr. Gianna Novelli is a professional divorce and family mediator. She received her mediation training from the New Jersey Association for Professional Mediators, where Dr. Novelli is currently a former member. As an active member, however, Dr. Novelli served on the Education Committee. The Education Committee works as a team to develop eduational structure for mediation training. In addition, to further her education, Gianna Novelli went back to school, as an older student, and currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in, both, psychology and physiology and a Master of Arts Degree and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in psychological counseling, where she graduated at the top of her class. In addition, Dr. Novelli earned a Post Doctoral Certificate in administration and management as well as having had the privilege of attending several law school class courses.

      Dr. Novelli is the founding member, chief executive officer and senior mediator for Divorce Mediators of New Jersey.

      Dr. Gianna Novelli's fee is hourly with payment accepted in the form of check, cash, money order or one of the four major credit cards. Dr. Novelli offers special pricing for couples whose total combined income equals less than $75,000.00 per year. A retainer fee is never required.

      In an effort to help the couple determine whether mediation is right for them, Gianna Novelli offers a complimentary (free) one half hour consultation session. All questions, in regard to the mediation process, will be answered during the consultation session including the hourly mediation fee. Mediation sessions, however, are scheduled by appointment only in two hour blocks of time and on a weekly basis.

      Gianna Novelli services all of Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Home visits can be arranged upon request. Weekend and evening appointments are available.

      Gianna Novelli, Ph.D.  was employed, for many years, in the social services field. In addition, because Dr. Novelli believes in giving back to the community, she supports several charities three of which are: The AmfAR AIDS/HIV Foundation, The American Cancer Society and The St. Joseph's Indian School in South Dakota.



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